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Weight Loss Cuts Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk In Middle-aged Women

Diabetes Drug Tied to Weight Loss in Obese Kids

Teens whose parents harped about weight gain—crucial-data-released-231403591.html “It is challenging to lose weight, but if women commit to losing 10 percent of their body weight and sustain that over time, it can have a large impact on overall risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes,” Cynthia A. Thomson, Ph.D., R.D., co-author and Professor in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and Director of the University of Arizona Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention & Health Promotion in Tucson, said in a news release. Many middle-aged women find themselves weighing a lot more in their forties than in their younger years because of sedentary jobs, repeated pregnancy and the transition to menopause. While women in short-term weight loss programs usually do better with weight loss in the first six months, they have a high risk of gaining back the weight they lost. “Our study revealed the need for healthcare providers to provide women with longer-term support for weight control. It seems to pay off in terms of modifying risk factors for obesity-related disease,” Thomson said.
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Weight, scale

McDonagh’s team analyzed 14 clinical trials that included nearly 1,000 children between 10 and 16 years old. All were overweight or obese. Based on data in adults, weight reductions of 5 percent to 10 percent are needed to decrease the risk of serious health problems tied to obesity, the researchers said. The additional amount of weight loss among children taking metformin in the review, however, was less than 5 percent on average. “With childhood obesity on the rise — and [its] serious long-term implications for the child’s health as an adult — clinicians and parents are searching for interventions that will provide meaningful weight reduction,” said McDonagh, an associate professor in the department of medical informatics and clinical epidemiology at the Oregon Health & Science University. “Since metformin has been used to treat type 2 diabetes for many years — including in older children — and often results in weight loss, it has been used off-label to treat obesity in children,” McDonagh said.
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Weight-loss surgery free for babus

According to the Union health ministry, guidelines of the US National Institute of Health will be used for select candidates for the procedure. The government has fixed a package rate of Rs 2.25 lakh per person for such a surgery. In India, an estimated 200 million people suffer from weight-related issues. According to Dr Praveen Bhatia, executive member of Obesity Surgery Society of India, close to 2,000 persons undergo weight loss surgery every year.
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Christina Aguilera’s Extreme Weight Loss: She’s Dropped Another 20 Pounds!

Simpson, 33, who first joined Weight Watchers after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell in 2012, went back to the program after welcoming her son in June. Simple Start was exactly what I needed to ease back into Weight Watchers after I had Ace, she said. It was easy, only two weeks and got me off to a great start losing weight. In October, Simpson, opened up about her struggle to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy. I didnt gain as much weight in my second pregnancy, but I still gained a lot of weight, she said. Any woman, dealing with their body after pregnancy, you look at yourself and youre like, What garcinia cambogia extract just happened to me? Jessica Simpson Flaunts Her Post Baby-Body In a Swimsuit However, after the fashion mogul began limiting her junk food intake, while learning to make healthier versions of her favorite fried foods, she was pleased to see the pounds fall away. She also tries to hit the gym four days each week, and counts her steps using a pedometer.
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Jessica Simpson Shares New Weight Loss Photo

Fred Pescatore , who has not treated Aguilera, told Radar. Her wrists and arms are much thinner than they were which will put her at an increased risk for bone loss bone loss starts in women around the age of 20 so it is never too early to worry about your bones. PHOTOS: Diet Divas In a clinging sleeveless evening gown, X-tinas figure was shockingly thin. Her hips are gone too they are still there a bit and it is not the dress nor the pose it is all slimmed down and not in a good way, Dr. Pescatore said.
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